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Welcome to Hismile Research

The Hismile Research criteria is based on 3 key pillars: Safety, Effectiveness, and Convenience.

Each product we develop undergoes years of research, testing and quality assurance to ensure that these 3 criteria are not only met, but exceeded.

Head of Research and Development Dr. Mauro Pascolutti at Hismile researching formulations and product development

The Hismile Research Centre

Led by our Head of Research and Development, Dr. Mauro Pascolutti, PhD, the Hismile Research Centre is the home of all formulations and product development.

Based on the Gold Coast, Australia, the Research Centre also facilitates all of our community and clinical trials.

The PAP+ Clinical Trial

The PAP+ clinical trial was a double blinded study, conducted by a third-party dentist. Each participant completed a single ten-minute teeth whitening treatment.

100% achieved whiter teeth
61.9% achieved 3+ shades whiter
0% experienced teeth sensitivity
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The PAP+ Community Trial

Ahead of launch, our community got hands on with the PAP+ Teeth Whitening Kit, to assess our 3 key pillars of criteria.

The feedback we collected provided key insights to our product, and was instrumental in shaping the PAP+ formula.

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