How to use the iD Stain Eraser?

The iD Stain Eraser is a 2-in-1 treatment that works by identifying and erasing stains in just two easy steps. The Stain Identifier highlights areas on the tooth surface in red where stains are beginning to build up. The Stain Eraser is a polishing paste that efficiently removes everyday stains while maintaining enamel health. 


Apply iD Stain Identifier 

Prime iD Stain Identifier Pen by clicking the button until the formula starts to reach the tip. Brush a layer of the iD Stain Identifier formula on each tooth. Swish and expel excess. Areas highlighted in red indicate a higher concentration of stains or plaque build up. 


Apply iD Stain Eraser

Apply a pea size amount of iD Stain Eraser to a dry toothbrush. Brush for 1 minute, focusing on the red highlighted areas. Once you have finished brushing, expel and rinse. Take note of the areas once highlighted in red, which will have now been reduced.

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