Coconut Mouthwash

$18.99 CAD

Our Coconut Mouthwash has been formulated to improve your overall gum health and gently improve the brightness of your teeth. It has been designed to incorporate the ancient method of oil pulling to assist in maintaining your overall oral health.

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Key ingredients

Coconut Oil: An effective ingredient in decreasing dental plaque formation and plaque induced gingivitis.

Sodium Bicarbonate: A stain removal ingredient that makes teeth appear whiter without any damage to enamel.

How to use

  1. Squeeze a third of a tube into your mouth, after brushing.
  2. Swish thoroughly for 2 minutes.
  3. Spit, and rinse mouth with warm water.

An everyday oil pulling routine that improves your oral health

Our Coconut Mouthwash combines natural coconut oil and sodium bicarbonate to improve gum health and gradually brighten your teeth.

Your concern

Gum health,
Maintaining white teeth

Our treatment

Coconut Oil,
Sodium Bicarbonate

The result

Improved gum health and
whiter and brighter teeth

How does it work?

An effective way to
improve your gum health

  • Step one

    Squeeze a third of the tube into mouth

  • Step two

    Swirl in mouth for 2 minutes

  • Step three

    Rinse mouth with warm water

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