Meet The HiSmile Toothpaste

We’re excited to introduce The HiSmile Toothpaste

The HiSmile Toothpaste delivers a unique brushing experience. We’ve combined a distinct spearmint flavour with a textured paste to create a pink toothpaste that will ensure your breath is fresh without having to apply in excess.


| ’haismail’ | noun

  1. Obsessed with being different, thought provoking, challenging the preconceived ideas on what is already defined.
  2. Confident, boundary breaking, unique, divergent and functional.
HiSmile's Pink Toothpaste
The Perfect Toothpaste for Sensitive Teeth

Challenging your preconceived ideas

We gathered data from countless comments, messages and face-to-face discussions to develop a product that our community wanted. Recognising that toothpaste is a household item that people have been using for years, we wanted to challenge the preconceived ideas of what already existed in the space while applying the feedback from our community to create a product that is unique. Most notably, The HiSmile Toothpaste is a fresh take on an old routine.

“In order to be IRREPLACEABLE, I am different. I am purposeful in approach and EXECUTION, engaging all disciplines to develop with PRECISION. I am obsessed in pursuing the CHALLENGE of preconceived ideas and what is already defined.”

The HiSmile Toothpaste is a distinct pink toothpaste that freshens and cleans your teeth and gums. It has been formulated with natural ingredients to provide a solution for sensitivity, cavities, plaque, stains and overall teeth health. The toothpaste is also Fluoride, SLS and PEG free.

HiSmile's Pink Toothpaste Smeared
HiSmile's Pink Toothpaste With A Toothbrush

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