What are the HiSmile Gel Refills?

The HiSmile Gel Refills are for when you have completed the initial 6 treatments with the Teeth Whitening Kit and are now looking to maintain or improve your results. Your initial results can start to fade over time, as everyday stains creep back in, so you should use the Gel Refills for lasting results.

You will get 6 uses out of the Gel Refills, which is 2 uses per Gel syringe. We suggest completing a single treatment every 2 weeks to maintain or your results. Following this routine, the Gel Refills will last you 12 weeks. You can adjust this to suits you, however, this is our recommended usage to achieve best results.

You will need to use the LED light & mouth tray to whiten your teeth correctly with the Gel Refills. If this is your first time using HiSmile, our Teeth Whitening Kit is the best option and includes everything you need to get started. You can order our Teeth Whitening Kit here.

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The easiest, most effective way to whiten your teeth at home

Teeth Whitening Kit

Teeth Whitening Kit

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For whiter & brighter teeth in 10 minutes