Amy Phillips

18 years old student from Melbourne, Australia.

“I feel so much more confident now when smiling after using the Teeth Whitening Kit!”


Favourite product:

The Kit, I use it all the time. I even took it to Bali with me!

Using HiSmile Since:

November, 2016.

Why did you start using HiSmile:

Originally, I was so insecure about my teeth. I feel like it’s one of the most important things on my face and no matter how many times I used whitening toothpastes, they never seemed to work!

What’s your favourite HiSmile product you’ve tried:

I have tried the Teeth Whitening Kit and the HiSmile Toothpaste! I can’t pick a favourite since I love them both. I do love that the toothpaste is pink though. 😉

What do you like most about your HiSmile products:

I love that they actually work! I’ve tried so many products to get my teeth the colour I wanted and none have ever worked. I was so happy when I finally found something that did, and it’s super easy to use too which is even better.

What has HiSmile done for you personally:

I feel so much more confident now when smiling. I am really happy about that.

What’s your HiSmile routine does it fit into your beauty routine:

I usually like to use HiSmile at night, although sometimes I will also use it in the morning. First, I like to clean my face and apply a face mask. While the face mask is doing its thing, I use my Teeth Whitening Kit!

What was your reaction after using HiSmile for the first time:

Surprised! As I said I’ve tried so many things and they have not made a difference. I was so excited and happy that I finally found something that works. It’s so quick, easy and affordable to keep up with as well!

What’s your travel routine with your Kit:

I always pack my Teeth Whitening Kit in my luggage when I am going travelling, I refuse to leave home without it now. When I am travelling I usually start off my day by doing a whitening application before I go out and explore.

What HiSmile product is next on your list to try:

I would love to try the Teeth Whitening Pen! That’s definitely next on my list.

If you drink coffee, what’s your coffee order:

I don’t really drink coffee that often, but if I do I usually love a good chai latte!

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